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On the Bogleheads.org forum, we're constantly faced with questions from investors who want to start investing, but are concerned about the list of mediocre high-cost funds available to them. They want to know if they should contribute or simply skip ...

Wed, 01 Jul 2015 21:30:53 GMT

Readers strike back
Some company's matching contributions to the 401k do not immediately 'vest'. You are also correct that in virtually every case the variety of investment options are greater in a non-401k plan such as an IRA or Roth IRA through a discount broker such as ...

Sun, 28 Jun 2015 15:34:08 GMT


Retiring? Be cautious about rolling that 401k: Anthony M. Conte
NUA, or Net Unrealized Appreciation, represents an oft-ignored opportunity for tax advantaged planning using company stock that has appreciated significantly from its initial investment value when it was purchased in a company sponsored, pretax 401k or ...

Thu, 25 Jun 2015 17:44:53 GMT


Millennial Women Are Saving Much Less Than Men (Let's Fix That)
This week, the investment firm T. Rowe Price released its Retirement Saving & Spending study that offers an interesting comparison of the savings habits of baby boomers versus millennials. Based on the findings, the media needs to dial back its ...

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Mon, 22 Jun 2015 10:26:06 GMT

The Dough Roller

Calculating the Value of a 401k or IRA Retirement Account
The Dough Roller
A reader named Jen recently sent me an email about 401k retirement accounts. James Altucher, a former hedge fund manager, had posted a video on Business Insider on why you shouldn't invest in a 401k. When I first saw the video, I thought it was a parody.

Tue, 16 Jun 2015 22:41:41 GMT

The Charlottesville Newsplex

Money Matters: Planning for Retirement: 401k
The Charlottesville Newsplex
You can invest at anytime for any purpose, but the tax code allows money that is targeted for retirement to get special tax treatment. There are various ways to shield your retirement from taxes and the 401K is just one of those. There are also IRAs ...

Tue, 16 Jun 2015 07:13:58 GMT

SunCommon divests from fossil fuelers
Barre Montpelier Times Argus
WATERBURY — A renewable energy company is walking the walk as it divests in fossil fuel companies. SunCommon announced Monday its employee 401k investment portfolio no longer includes companies that produce or profit from fossil fuels, and will ...

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